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With its highest level of expertise and critical thinking on patent-related matters, 
Kyoyeon will be committed to patenting commercially valuable inventions.


South Korea has been recognized globally as an IP powerhouse along with the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan. Compared to the high number of patent applications, however, there are countless number of patented technologies that fail to be commercialized in the market. In the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution, quantitative indicators of the low-value patents will not be enough to allow businesses to prove their technological capabilities.

Instead of churning out low-value patents, Kyoyeon will be committed to patenting commercially valuable inventions with its highest level of expertise. Having such philosophy and beliefs in mind, Kyoyeon was established and took its first step toward becoming a solid bridge between valuable patents and businesses. This philosophy is embodied in the company name “Kyo Yeon,” which means bridging in Korean. Kyoyeon will be your most reliable business partner in your journey to success. 


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